Welcoming All Coffee Lovers

Coffee is more than a drink; it’s a way of life. If you look forward to your morning brew every day, you’ll love all the choices at Delamauta Coffee. From rich dark roasts to lighter roasts, there’s plenty here to please all coffee drinkers. Stop in to grab a cup; we hope you enjoy our coffee as much as we do.  

Our Coffees

 Dark roasted blend of three AA beans to give depth and body. Great to cut through milk and for those who like it strong.
Use: Espresso machine and stovetop 

For those of us who still enjoy plunger coffee, this is roasted to a medium colour, letting the natural caramel flavour shine.

Jose’s Blend: 
An old favourite, a traditional roast the way Jose Delamauta use to roast. Strong, smooth and a bit cheeky. Just like him.
Use: Espresso, stovetop, usually milk-based.

Named after my favourite movie, this is the one to get you going in the morning. Our 5-bean blend gets you up with a little bit of Robusta for that extra caffeine hit. Strong and smooth with a punch to the face.
Use: If you dare, espresso stovetop or for a strong filter coffee, not AeroPress or Chemex.

Ethiopian Sidamo Guji: 
This Ethiopian coffee has special character, and its flavour quickly becomes apparent. It’s very thick and syrupy with notes of honey, bubble gum and fruity sweetness. 

This blend showcases three awesome coffees from my travels around Asia. Light to medium roasts bought together to recreate the magic of my journeys. Seriously smooth, as it’s all about the journey.
Use: Filter, stovetop, espresso. Really enjoyed as a black coffee. 
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