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Handcrafted Coffee & Tea

Whenever you come to Delamauta Coffee, you can expect to be greeted with a friendly smile. Our coffee and teas are handcrafted and downright delicious, and we always strive to pour the elusive perfect cup. Whether you’re just starting your day or you need a mid-morning pick-me-up, stopping at Delamauta Coffee is always a great idea! We have our own coffee roasting warehouse, and we serve our own products. We love our coffee and tea, so we hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Our Story

After travelling far and wide around the world and discovering coffee isn't just a drink, but a way of life, Dan and his partner, Megan, decided that coffee would play a major part in their lives. After staying on Coffee Estates and learning about growing and participating in the harvesting of coffee, Daniel set off to learn every aspect of his newfound passion. 

By chance, Murray Connelly entered into Daniel’s life. Murray is one of the founders of Robert Harris, New Zealand's largest coffee chain. Murray had coffee running in his veins from a young age, as his grandfather, Jose Delamauta , was also a coffee roaster. Although retired, Murray agreed to teach all he knew to help Daniel in his quest to find the perfect cup. 

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